Infrastructural Growth at stake without outsourcing

Infrastructure Industries in India

A Nation’s economic and financial supremacy cannot be fathomed without proper infrastructure and planning. As India embarks upon its glorious mission to emerge amongst the Global Leaders, Infrastructural development has become the wheel of India’s fortune.

India’s contribution to the global economy and its standing in the global financial arena has been inspirational in the past and with the advent of hi-tech technology and digital know-how, Indian think tanks are now charting out modern and efficient infrastructural marvels to expedite the nation’s multi-faceted supremacy.

It is quite evident that a nation achieving complete independence in various infrastructural projects can propel its economy to superior levels but India being a developing economy has its own set of hurdles to overcome as it marches ahead towards accomplishing its goals. One major concerning issue amongst many is lack of adequate and highly trained workforce.

With the education industry gearing up to include industry-specific training in their curriculum the current scenario lacks infrastructure based management institutions contributing to the decline of appropriate talents. Industries are facing a tough time in finding appropriate brains and if found at all, a considerable amount of time and investment in their training creates major economical set back for such industries.

Here the importance of outsourcing firms is immense in spinning the wheels of infrastructural development as such organizations are well prepared and stocked with adequate skilled manpower to suite the diversified industrial and geographical needs of any industry. Outsourcing agencies most vitally provide the best suited manpower and meet the desired work force requirement at a lesser time and cost involvement. This not only quickens the completion of an infrastructural project but simultaneously takes care of the mid-way attrition through the manpower replacement clause included in such contracts.

With India undergoing a major global face-lift for demonstrating India’s potential and attracting global investment major business hubs like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, Chennai and Kolkata being business hubs of India are witnessing unprecedented holistic industrial development. Other cities like Odissa, Chattisgarh, Raipur etc. who had not been very vibrant on global economic platform are now preparing to enter the infrastructure development campaign with their respective government focusing on better road and rail connectivity, export infra, Top Education Infra, Tourism Promotion and Agricultural Independence are some of the key turn-around factors for such states as they match their step with India’s tryst in becoming a self sustained global leader.

However, the infrastructural development still needs around 40 million engineers as against current availability of 29000 for the passing decade. With present Infrastructure workforce amounting to 52 million, India still needs another 5 million architects, 3 million teachers, 1.5 million supervisors and around 15 million IT professionals to bridge the gap between planned and executed projects.

With such figures seemingly posing an insurmountable obstacle in way of India’s Infrastructure supremacy, needless to mention that Manpower Outsourcing becomes ever so important and indispensable for Industries to explore and capitalize on the full potential of Outsourcing firms to attain their desired Infrastructural Feats.

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