Manpower concerns under COVID-19 reaffirms the role of Outsourcing agencies worldwide.

Manpower Concerns under COVID 19 reaffirms the role of outsourcing agencies worldwide

As the whole world struggles under an unprecedented global shutdown caused by COVID-19, several nations are forecasting an unrealistically abysmal trend in the current and future economic stability over the next couple of months. The concern is even more profound with production-based Industries employing up to 80% of the physical workforce to keep their entities running. With the movement of employees and labour restrained and productivity stalled in uncertainty, the ROI has taken a massive blow and it has become imperative for such industries to chalk out a contingency manpower hiring plan which can help the industry to cope with the apparent acute dearth in the workforce and keep the economic cycle rolling normally. Hence, the role of outsourcing organizations in responding to such emergencies with total efficiency has become indispensable.

SGK India with its decades of experience in handling emergencies related to contingency hiring solutions is fully equipped to help under such critical times. With a pool of elite management and an efficient workforce, SGK India is able to analyze, predict and supply the right type of manpower to have a jump start to any kind of stalled projects or ventures. We at SGK India are welcoming all your queries and would be pleased in extending our expertise to see you through these tough times.