Breakdown Maintenance in Plants: All You Need To Know

What is breakdown maintenance? It is a type of maintenance carried out on equipment that is out of order. This type of maintenance is unplanned and performed on malfunctioning equipment. A few assets don’t need preventive maintenance because their failure is manageable. These assets are less valuable, and the company doesn’t want to spend extra on them, whereas high-value assets are constantly under preventive maintenance to safeguard them from sudden failure. Although breakdown maintenance is conducted after equipment fails to function, it can be performed strategically. Category of breakdown maintenance To effectively manage a breakdown program, it  can be classified into two types. 1. Run-to-failure maintenance   In run-to-failure maintenance, the organization is ready to handle a machine that will stop functioning soon. The assets under this maintenance are easy to replace and won’t disturb the operational system. The cost of repairing these assets under run-to-failure maintenance is less than the preventive maintenance costs. Inexpensive or unimportant parts and machinery can be repaired under run-to-failure maintenance. 2. Emergency maintenance Emergency maintenance is needed when an essential piece of equipment goes out of order unexpectedly. The organization must repair it promptly before the system completely halts. However, this type of sudden