Who We Are

SGK India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is an Engineering outsourcing company founded in 2006. We provide comprehensive, customised Engineering services to manufacturing and other industries. Our team is always dedicated to believing in new ideas, concepts, and technologies that adapt to the challenging and ever-changing environment, and we are committed to providing a cost-effective solution for Industry Growth.

Our commitment is to support the manufacturing plants from Maintenance & Production Management, Machine Reconditing, Automation, upgradation, and dedicated Engineering Team Support.This lets Plant management focus entirely on their core business while we handle the rest. At SGK India, we’re here to support Industrial Growth.

Oil and gas industry, refinery at twilight, petrochemical plant
Businessmen hold hands falling oil investment.

What We Do

SGK India continues to thrive by offering unparalleled solutions in plant maintenance and contract manufacturing. Through minimizing downtime, maximizing output, and optimizing resource utilization, the company solidifies its competitive edge, fostering an environment of productivity and sustainability.
Engineering is use notebook check and standing in front of oil refinery building structure in heavy petrochemical industry
Workers and manager working with documents
Electrical and instrument operator calibrate level transmitter at offshore oil and gas wellhead remote platform, Onsite service worker.

How We Do

Our Strength is our employees, people from different background brings different ideas and technique to the workplace, being operating in a democratic          country we believe in mix culture. We are expert in different aspects like Core Technical knowledge, compliance issues, Labor Laws, statutory parts, Payroll Management etc. Our team efficiently handles all the responsibilities and risks associated with these aspects. We have ZERO tolerance Policy in Statutory Compliance matter.

SGK India understands clients Industry, client requirements. So depending on your Industry type we develop Strategies or Models.  A Model is prepared after a deep study of client industry, labor market and analysis of data, which will not only cut the cost but also gear up the growth that will give competitive advantage in this competitive market.

Different models are there depending on the type of Industry and the requirements. The recent one is I-OPERATE AND I-MAINTAIN Model is just an out of the box Concept. It will reduce client Cost by educing 20% to 30% manpower cost. Human Resource is an Invisible asset which can be reduced or Improved by applying different strategies to increase the profit. The Manpower oriented Industries will get maximum benefits from our I-Operate and I-Maintain Model. It will not only reduce its expenditure but save client Money, Time and Energy.