Our Philosophy

  • SGK India aspires to build Quality Resources, and Make every Idle Machine run in the industry. SGK India believes in systems and processes, it has Designed Systems such that it can function Independently.
  • Excellent service and good work raise the reputation of SGK India in market, started making its presence visible by keeping Commitments, Transparency, Innovation, Variations, Cost Cutting Strategies, Supporting in Customer’s growth/ Standard with clients etc.
  • Our Company is Ethical, Transparent on many Intricate issues on rules and regulations regarding employment. Though the business has many Strong and big competitors in market, SGK India not only manage to sustain in front of them but also increases its revenue& reputation by using new technique and innovative ideas. Even in worse adverse circumstances also, SGK India never adopt any Unethical Business practices, which makes SGK India stand separate among all.
  • We are fortunate enough to have a team of high performing experts having people with 25 Years of Technical Experience (Plant Head Level) in Heading Plant Operation and Maintenance Functions / Project Management / Plant Operations AND Team of HR with Legal, Technical knowledge to find out the Relevant People for the right job, Managing the Mayroll, Grievance Management, Statutory compliance Management, Handling IR issues etc
  • SGK India always adopte new Technology and new Trade for Outsourcing Activities and will carry the tradition by providing the highest quality services to its Clients.
  • We appreciate the trust which our clients show on us, and employees of SGK India for their dedication and honest efforts.
  • The company goal is not limited to gain profit but to help as many people as it can by generating employment.