Machine Reconditioning Services

Give a New Life to Your Machines

SGK India provides manufacturing plant machinery reconditioning overhauling, and retrofitting services, by our expert engineers. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and performance while providing cost-saving solutions.

All works like disassembling, scraping, change of parts, assembly etc., happen on-site by our expert engineers assuring the best result on the machine.

Engineer at Workshop repairing a machine

Modern Manufacturing Solutions
with Machine Reconditioning

Modern manufacturing means well-lubricated machines, zero downtime and higher productivity. But it doesn’t mean replacing well-functional machinery.

By reconditioning machines, manufacturers can revive their old machines without replacing them. It provides multiple benefits like, extended machine lifespan, reduced overall costs, and minimized environmental impact.

We disassemble, clean, inspect, repair, and bring your machines back to their full capacity. Our engineers replace weary components with premium quality parts, ensuring they meet or exceed original specifications.

Machine Reconditioning Services

Why Choose SGK India?

At SGK India we understand your machines’ needs. We have experienced engineers who can talk to your machines, diagnose their problems with specialized tools, replace worn parts, and ensure your machines can get back to their original speed.

You can save a big amount by reconditioning instead of buying brand-new machines.

We follow rigorous procedures to ensure the quality of our work. Our reconditioning process is transparent, providing you detail of our work at each step so that you’ll stay stress-free.

We can complete the reconditioning process much faster and thus, minimizing disruption to your production time.

Key Activities in Machine Reconditioning
Key Benefits of Machine Reconditioning
Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing plant machine reconditioning needs. Give your machines a second life, cost-effectively, with our guaranteed quality assurance.