Minimise Breakdown in Maintenance Services with KPI by delegating the process to experienced Agency

Maintenance of Production Machines and Utilities is one the most crucial activity of any Industry as the same could include various minutes detail and frequent monitoring that could go ignored easily without proper maintenance schedule and competence.  It is therefore always advisable to outsource the Maintenance activities to outsourcing organization which have trained and experienced professionals from the maintenance department of various Industries.  Experience and knowledge play a key factor in assessing, diagnosing to handle any Breakdown and Troubleshoot using the right methodology, planning for Preventive Maintenance and tools to perform any Maintenance work, no matter what machine it is. So, keep your maintenance worries away and extend the life of key machines by choosing the right maintenance outsourcing agency.

Scale up your production with KPI by delegating the process to the right outsourcing agency

The production process combines various critical sop’s and task measurement tools, foregoing which may lead the production process into a soup. Outsourcing such processes to a data and process-driven agency that is bound by the timely execution of tasks save considerable efforts in both the implementation and execution of the strategies. Furthermore, the entire process of production narrows down into a structured monitoring system and stable availability of trained, experienced, and capable manpower to sustain optimum production no longer remains an area of concern as such agencies are equipped with a pool of readily available manpower to be deployed for any task, at any place and any time. So, be wise and choose the right outsourcing agency to improve your overall productivity today. Pic Source: ISTOCKPHOTOS

What to know about payroll?

In today’s world Time is Money, and proper utilization of time and effort can be a key factor for your Industry growth that can be achieved by Payroll outsourcing. For an organization it is very much essential to prioritize the work, budget and resources. The core sector industry must focus on their production and client base growth rather than getting puzzle in daily employee work like Payrolling, documentation which is not only complex but also time-consuming and need committed resources. Payroll processing is a vital part that you can’t ignore which needs to manage the payment of salaries by a company to its employees. It generally includes employee information for a specific time period, managing benefits and deductions, and delivering employee pay for that period. Payroll Outsourcing is essential for a business to save time, money, and compliance headaches. That’s why Payroll Outsourcing is a wise move for multinational companies of all sizes. Payroll processing isn’t an easy task, it takes time and there is also the possibility of inaccuracy while processing a payroll. It involves paying employees, and filing payroll taxes that must be on time with 100% accuracy. These payroll tax amounts change as per the status of

Staffing and end-to-end industrial process outsourcing

The labour-intensive Industries are now witnessing a constantly evolving staffing structure with major focus on trained and competent manpower resources. As most industries regroup their workforce to restart their operation, the shortage of manpower has surfaced as a soring reality amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Companies across major Industrial belts like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi-NCR etc are strategically employing improvised staffing solutions and hiring staffing agencies to fill-up key positions, which has now under the influence of present scenario, extended all the way to a nimble arrangement of trained and experienced workforce. This staffing trend has induced new energy to the labour intensified Industries and has helped many organizations to springboard their productions to profits after a rather declining phase of economic activities. Outsourcing Staffing needs helps organisations to source the most nimble and trained manpower from a huge pool of ready-to-start workforce without losing time on the otherwise meticulously traditional and long hiring processes, thus saving time and increasing productivity levels and standards. This also saves a considerable amount of expenses associated with searching, screening, hiring, training and onboarding new employees. It also relieves the HR department from preparation and maintenance of huge databases related to employee details,

Customised and Cost Effective Process Outsourcing Solutions from Manufacturing to EPC, IT to Retail & Facilities Management

Industries worldwide are facing a major backlash owing to the ongoing Pandemic crisis, which has rendered the Production, Operation &  Maintenance and EPC section handicapped, interrupting Production, Maintenance, EPC projects and O&M activities with the shortage of proper and adequate Manpower. Under such a grim scenario SGK India Industrial Services (P) Ltd., the Premier Industrial Project Outsourcing and Staffing Agency has stepped-up to undertake end-to-end responsibility of major Process Outsourcings like the Production, Maintenance, EPC Projects, HR and other vital processes. With an elite team of qualified and industry experienced Technical Professionals and an extensive network of the meticulously selected workforce, SGK India is equipped to bridge any disruptions in Industrial Processes across PAN-India. SGK India with its Customized and Cost Effective Models does an In-depth Market Analysis to Reduce Costs, Streamline Processes and create Innovative Methods of Achieving Business Value meeting 100%Compliance/ Regulatory Requirements as per Govt. Norms. Backed by years of consistent project excellence and target to achieve Zero-Error Project Completion Strategy, we are always looking-up to new ventures and new industrial alliances to provide the Best Industrial Revival Policies available in the market today.

Outsourcing Utility Maintenance for improved efficiency and productivity

Utilities in an organisation covers a wide range of activities like services, duties, work etc., which are essential provisions for smoothly operating primary business equipment. The two main factors that determine the outsourcing need of utilities management are level of knowledge amongst the management to maintain and operate such equipment and secondly the type of equipment that is being dealt with. At SGK India we have expertise in providing best utility maintenance services through our industry experts and we are totally capable of providing these services to a wide variety of organisations like: Power Generation and distribution DG Sets, Electrical switchyards Fuel Yards (HSD, F.O and LPG) Water Treatment Plant Effluent treatment plant Sewage treatment plant Fire systems, crane, forklift, pump house Boilers Effluent ejection systems HVAC and chillers – chillers and pumps, compressors, cooling towers Street lights

Manpower concerns under COVID-19 reaffirms the role of Outsourcing agencies worldwide.

As the whole world struggles under an unprecedented global shutdown caused by COVID-19, several nations are forecasting an unrealistically abysmal trend in the current and future economic stability over the next couple of months. The concern is even more profound with production-based Industries employing up to 80% of the physical workforce to keep their entities running. With the movement of employees and labour restrained and productivity stalled in uncertainty, the ROI has taken a massive blow and it has become imperative for such industries to chalk out a contingency manpower hiring plan which can help the industry to cope with the apparent acute dearth in the workforce and keep the economic cycle rolling normally. Hence, the role of outsourcing organizations in responding to such emergencies with total efficiency has become indispensable. SGK India with its decades of experience in handling emergencies related to contingency hiring solutions is fully equipped to help under such critical times. With a pool of elite management and an efficient workforce, SGK India is able to analyze, predict and supply the right type of manpower to have a jump start to any kind of stalled projects or ventures. We at SGK India are welcoming all your

Gain complete control of your unproductive man-hours and irrelevant cost heads by outsourcing your utility maintenance services

Gain complete control of your unproductive man-hours and irrelevant cost heads by outsourcing your utility maintenance services to SGK India which includes in-depth studies, analysis and audits to find out the savings opportunities. SGK India delivers top-notch quality utility maintenance works across multiple Industries and offers complete range of utility maintenance services in areas like Power Generation, Distribution systems, Fuel Yard and Effluent Ejection systems.  

SGK India bags the prestigious Odisha Brand Leadership Award 2020 in the outsourcing industry

We are happy to announce that “SGK India Industrial Services (P) Limited”, the Outsourcing Services giant, has reached another milestone in its journey to Excellence by bagging the Prestigious Odisha Brand Leadership Award on 6th March 2020, presented by the CMO, Asia. Brand Leadership Award is a platform that Rewards Corporates for their remarkable contribution to Society in their respective domains. Brand Leadership inspires and acknowledges the Most Unique and worthwhile approaches which have the potential to become the next World-Class Brand. Mr. Gajendra Kabat (Co-Founder) & Arpita Roy (Team HR) received the Award. Mr. Kabat extended a major portion of this credit to his extremely competent and cognizant corporate family and congratulated each and everyone involved in this journey to excellence. With the work duly acknowledged SGK India now surges ahead in search of newer Challenges and Knowledge.

Payroll Outsourcing advantages and impact on productivity

A penny saved is a penny earned” and businesses more often tend to forego this saying by assigning their non-core and less productive functions to the in-house staffs which at the end takes a toll on overall productive engagement of staff. One of such function is payroll management. Organisations invest a lot of man-hours, infrastructure and money on proper processing and disbursement of salary but at the same time are also open to unforeseen hazards like unproductive engagement of staffs, improper filings, incorrect wage and leave calculations and also in-house attritions. Payroll outsourcing is a one-step solution for all issues related to payroll management. The benefits of payroll management are: a. Increased focus on core business and productive engagement of in-house staffs : Saves productive man-hours by engaging in-house staffs on more visibly measurable tasks which increases business revenue b. Reduced overhead costs: Total overhead costs including infrastructure expenses, manpower, software and servers, travel and logistics, postages etc. all add up to an increased cost of payroll processing which can be easily managed through payroll outsourcing c. Guaranteed compliance of govt. policies: Outsource function firms take up all responsibility for on-time and accurate filings which saves the company from unnecessary