Why Timely Maintenance Is More Important in Industrial Plants?

Operation and Maintenance

Timely maintenance of equipment is one of the best practices to improve the efficiency of the equipment in industrial plants. It reduces downtime and ensures production is lined up. It ensures that your employees are safe and that your products are in good condition for the customer.

Let’s gather some knowledge about the types of plant maintenance, how to assess as well as implement plant maintenance, and finally what are its benefits.

Types of Plant Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance refers to repairing equipment when it has already broken down. That means, if it is not broken, don’t repair it in any way. This type of maintenance is suitable. It will save money and cost in the short run. However, it will cost you more in terms of efficiency loss and premature failure in the long run.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance means carrying out regular maintenance activities to stop unexpected failures in the future. In other words, monitoring and fixing equipment before they break completely.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance refers to a strategy that uses data analysis tools and techniques to detect the current operating condition of your equipment. And as per the equipment condition, a particular maintenance schedule is carried out to avoid unplanned failure. This type of maintenance strategy assures a safe working environment because your equipment is frequently monitored.

Plant Maintenance Assessment

A plant needs to be assessed before carrying out any maintenance work. There are many ways to conduct an assessment, like:

  • Total hours ran
  • Hours ran since last serviced
  • Vibration time analysis
  • The maintenance schedule, etc.

Identify the causes of equipment breakdowns and work on them. To stay farsighted, take inventory of all equipment and set your maintenance dates. It will help you to keep your equipment in good condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Implementation of Maintenance

Once the abnormalities in plant operation are identified, you need to schedule your maintenance activities. Thereafter, you need to implement the maintenance work with your team. Your team can explain better what the running condition of the particular equipment is. So, they must know how to run equipment plus how to perform maintenance tasks. To make things easier, every piece of equipment should contain precise descriptions, drawings, and photos of how and when each machine should be serviced.

They need to check with different procedures like:

  • Maintenance procedures
  • Lubrication procedures
  • Temporary repair procedures
  • Emergency repair procedures
  • Audit procedures

This will help your employees to keep track of the equipment.

Benefits of Timely Maintenance in Industrial Plants

Industrial plants need timely maintenance to:

  • Avoid unexpected shutdown.
  • Get zero downtime.
  • Face no unexpected hazards
  • Provide employees with a safe environment.
  • Extend equipment lifetime

Proper maintenance of the equipment boosts its performance and extends its life. You can’t avoid well-timed maintenance if you want to see your plant running smoothly.

Bottom Line

Implementing a plant maintenance program is an inevitable part of a company’s financial plan. It helps you to find faults in equipment before they cause huge problems. It saves time and cost. So don’t let your equipment go out of order. Schedule your plant maintenance to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment.

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